Chris Burnett

Since 1996, Chris Burnett has placed marks on people through tattooing. He started at a young age, marking on everything he could find. Chris found an escape in art, being an awkward person from the start. Coming from a broken home and learning to cope with this life, art has always been a go to escape for him. Many times in his life, Chris has tried running away from tattooing; always looking for the next challenge. Consistently returning to his roots, having been created to create. Creating elegant, flowing, and large scale pieces is the main focus today with strong roots in Realism learned from his years at Art Junkies Tattoo with the top artist in the world. What people may not know is Chris is very passionate about Traditional and Japanese style tattoos as well. Well rounded is what you get, as he can maintain a constant work flow of amazing art. If you know Chris, he is passionate about what he believes and challenging conversations come with ease with his loving heart. Come follow along as he continues to press in, making marks on hearts through tattooing; therefore, he tattoos.