From a very young age, Art has been a passion of mine.  It has offered me years of enjoyment and at the same time has opened up the window of opportunity.  The first time I saw a "tattoo" I was interested but never considered doing them as a profession until I got my first tattoo and my artist asked if I was interested in getting an apprenticeship.  That opportunity has been such a blessing and I have not looked back since.  I started in 2014, and although it hasn't been long, I have learned so much and excelled in my art and tattooing.  I came aboard Dinamik ink in mid 2015 and it has been beneficial to my career.  Up until tattooing, my only experience with art was with "Graphitti".  Since then I have gotten into black and grey realism and some illustrative styles and it has heavily influenced my style of tattooing.  Tattooing has been so rewarding.  The people I get to meet, stories that I have heard and the trust that is placed in me to put my Art on skin.  Words cannot fully express.  I am not sure what the future holds but I hope to push myself and the boundaries of Art and leave my mark.