getting to know your tattoo artist.

It goes without saying that a good tattoo experience goes along way.  How this comes about is by knowing who you are getting tattooed by.  

         Jacob Gibb ( #gibbyjerks ) is your cuddly and fun loving jokester who loves a good laugh and a carnitas burrito.  The quickest way to this old bears heart, is through his stomach.  We Kidd.  "The Gibb" has been chipping away at his craft for 2 years now and has been involved in some form of art since he was a wee little lad.  His artistic roots began and were influenced heavily by punk rock and the music scene.  Anarchy and Art,  a match made in hell.  

He now carves into the skin of others at Dinamik Tattoo in Hesperia Ca.  Specializing in traditional tattoos, realism prisma color pencils and scrolling through Instagram.  When he's not here, he can be found at home being a family man to his wife Cheyenne, step daughter mckayla and soon to be born son, Jensen. He and the tribe love to spend their time going to art museums, movies and any restaurants with good eatin.  

Any time you come and stop by the shop, you may see him dancing in the corner, air drumming or laying down some rad as hell ink.