Pizza and ice-cream!!

Hey guys. The Sparrrow here, wanted to get The word out about our upcoming Pizza and ice-cream tattoo special. Where? Dinamik Tattoo. When? This saturday: July 16th. What? Ummm cool tattoos yo! If you're reading this I hope to see you Saturday. Tell all your friends, tell your family, tell your co-workers, shoot, tell your pets too if you like. Tattoos start at $20. We have plenty of flash and designs. So come on out and get some cool new ink, or just hang out. Let's have fun! We will be serving pizza slices and ice-cream During the event. So if you're like me and like tattoos, good people, and food, don't miss out.   ◁∵☆†‡ΞSparrrowΞ‡†☆∵▷